Director Operations

Friday, September 15, 2017
AdvancED Michigan
Position Details: 

Division:  Operations

Office: AdvancED Michigan

Work Location: Lansing, MI

Reports to: Vice President, North Region

FT/PT Classification:  Full Time

Position Summary

A Director serves as a member of the regional team under the direction of the Region Vice President. This leadership role represents AdvancED within the North Region with assigned responsibilities for Michigan and develops and implements effective strategic plans encompassing client engagement, engagement reviews, compliance, policies and regulations and provides technical assistance and professional development and delivery. A successful Director utilizes current knowledge and expertise to enhance AdvancED’s impact on schools, districts and continuous improvement in the education industry at large.



  • Provide leadership to the local AdvancED operations office
    • Lead, manage and motivate the office team members to excel individually and collectively  (if applicable).
    • Supervise and evaluate the performance of office support staff  (if applicable).
    • Operates within established budgets efficiently and effectively.
  • Contributes in meaningful collaboration with other directors in the region and throughout the organization.
  • Designs, implements and drives the strategic plans for the local AdvancED operations office to promote continuous improvement.
  • Ensures AdvancED is well known throughout the territory as the respected authority on education matters, from policy to practice at all levels.
  • Advocate continuous improvement in education with all constituencies throughout the territory
  • Build, maintain and strengthen efficient and effective working relationships with key education agencies in the area (such as a State Department of Education, area colleges and universities, and teacher and administrator organizations).
  • Maintains and strengthens efficient and effective relationships with key business leaders and business agencies in the area (such as chambers of commerce).
  • Implements or oversees implementation of all AdvancED engagement processes in the territory, ensuring that all AdvancED schools/systems are adhering to the AdvancED standards and policies.
    • Ensures all AdvancED Engagement Reviews are of high quality.
    • Manages, maintains, and grows the volunteer capacity and extended volunteer base in the territory.
    • Evaluates the performance quality of Lead Evaluators and volunteers for the territory.
  • Ensures all institutions are well-informed of AdvancED issues, policies, and communications.
  • Ensures quality services and professional learning opportunities are available to all AdvancED schools/districts.
  • Initiates outreach to non-network institutions to promote awareness and expansion of the AdvancED network.
  • Serves as an expert in the knowledge and understanding of all specific governmental requirements and regulations throughout the assigned territory.
  • Manages the AdvancED Council advisory body to support the work of the local operations office.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by AdvancED leadership.


  • Extensive knowledge base of current issues in education, school and system improvement, research, and evaluation;
  • Knowledge of current, significant education issues specific to the territory served;
  • Ability to create connections with key state education associations and agencies and their leaders;
  • Ability to work with a minimum of supervision and take personal initiative to promote AdvancED;
  • Ability to create and maintain cooperative working relationships with others, prepare and implement quality plans;
  • Ability to organize, manage, and implement multiple tasks simultaneously;
  • Ability to work and communicate effectively using Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint and other software and web-based applications.


  • Positive feedback from customer surveys.
  • Increase in the number of educational institutions served when appropriate.
  • Positive cash flow and increase in revenue.

Annual Travel Requirements

  • Approximately 50% travel annually
  • Opportunity to work remotely after initial probationary period.

Qualifications and Experience  

  • A proven track record of successfully assessing schools’/districts’ needs to improve student performance and organizational effectiveness.
  • Expertise in designing, executing and accomplishing strategic plans which substantively contribute to the attainment of the organizations goals and objectives.


  • A minimum of an earned Master’s Degree from an accredited institution of higher learning with graduate work in a field related to the functions of the position.

Please send cover letter and resume to Becky Densmore at no later than September 15, 2017.


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