District Guidance Counselor/Social Worker

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Onaway Area Community School
Position Details: 

Eligibility to work as either a licensed school counsel or school social worker will both be considered

Primary duties and responsibilities:



  • Prioritize students’ academic success and emotional wellbeing
  • Prepare and teach age-appropriate developmental lessons to students
  • Innovate and facilitate a high school transition program for freshman and transfers
  • Communicate Guidance services to students/parents/faculty in a timely manner
  • Uphold ASCA standards for a dynamic and effective school counseling program
  • Support cultural competence towards building an inclusive school community
  • Document individual/group student work and maintain student files
  • Develop and carry out individual professional development
  • Perform regularly scheduled tasks regarding academic advising, standardized assessments, post-secondary planning and personal counseling (EDPs, PCs, 504)
  • Provide necessary information and feedback to administration
  • Research guest speakers, career exploration opportunities and personal counseling outside the school setting
  • Work with admin to develop new and needed programming as identified as directed



Performance Characteristics:

  • Desire to work in a school setting and interact with young adults
  • Strong written/verbal communication while adhering to confidentiality
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with a commitment to teamwork
  • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision
  • Ability to handle several tasks at one time
  • Ability to use appropriate technology with students
  • Commitment to innovate for continual improvement of Guidance programs and services




  • Promote the educational growth of all children in the school setting by assisting students to develop skills that enhance learning, social, and emotional, well-being.
  • Provide direct and consultative services to teachers, administrators, parents and students.
  • Services may include individual/small group, family, classroom or building-wide behavioral supports, as well as individual therapeutic supports and systems-level consultation.
  • Develop and maintain strong ties with state and local social service agencies.
  • Ability to identify and incorporate strategic and intensive interventions as dictated by individual student data.
  • Ability to work as a contributing member of a professional learning community
  • Ability to collect and analyze formative and summative assessment data
  • Ability to make accommodations and work with special needs students in an inclusion setting
  • Evidence of a personal professional development plan
  • Willingness to attend summer professional development training
  • Experience working  in an elementary or middle school setting, preferred




  • Certified counselor or approved, licensed school social worker preferred.
  • Master’s degree in social work, counseling or related field preferred.
  • Must have working knowledge of relevant therapeutic interventions and positive behavioral supports.
Job Type: