Business Manager / Director of Finance

Monday, December 10, 2018
Potterville Public Schools
Position Details: 

Assist Potterville Public Schools with financial and business objectives. 

Minimum Qualifications:
1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business with an emphasis or major in Business
Administration, Finance, Accounting or other related field.
2. Michigan School Business Officials Chief Financial Officer Certification or
eligible to obtain such.
Additional Considerations:
1. Strong analytical and critical thinking skills.
2. Working knowledge of SMART accounting system.
3. Proficient in the se of Excel and Word software.
4. Working knowledge of disbursements, receipts, cafeteria benefit
plans, and payroll.
5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
6. Efficient organizational skills.
7. Ability to respect confidentiality.
8. Certified Public Account license.
9. Knowledge of laws, rules and regulations governing school finance.
10. Strong relationship building skills; personable demeanor
11. Ability to interpret and present the financial realities of the district to
the staff, administrators, board members and the general public.
The Business Manager/Director of Finance is responsible for all financial aspects of
operating the school district. This includes creating and maintaining budgets, processing
payments, monitoring encumbrance reports, creating annual audit reports and filing all
State and Federal reports. The Business Manager/Director of Finance reports directly to
the Superintendent.
Job Description:
Budgeting :
● Assist in the planning and execution of the budget development process
● Supervise the appropriations act completion and amendment process
● Monitor all budgets for adherence to adopted budget limits
● Supervise budget amendment procedures
● Review grant applications to assure compliance with local, state and federal
regulations and district compliance with grant guidelines
● Prepare various fiscal studies, including financial projections, completion of
statistical data, fixed cost analysis, or other studies as assigned by the Superintendent
● Supervise long range financial planning
● Prepare and/or supervise the bid process related to, but not limited to, food service,
employee benefits, financial services, and contracted services
Accounting :
● Supervise the district’s fund accounting and assure conformance to The Michigan
School Accounting Manual.
● Supervise the districts accounts receivable and accounts payable operations
● Verify the district’s SEV, compute tax levies and maintain tax tribunal updates
● Prepare and compile data for e-rate application process
● Provide training for Finance Office staff and other district staff as needed
Cash Management :
● Supervise cash receipts
● Analyze cash flow and make recommendations regarding surplus school district funds
● Coordinate all district borrowing such as State Aid and bond issues
Payroll :
● Provide overall direction and supervision of the payroll process
Employee Benefits :
● Provide overall direction and supervision of the district’s employee benefit programs
Audit and Financial Reporting :
● Maintain and monitor a sound system of internal control
● Supervise preparation of internal financial reports
● Complete and review all financial reports to assure conformance with state, federal
GAAP and GAAFR requirements
● Assure compliance with all audit requirements, including completion of schedules,
supplemental information, and adjusting entries
● Supervise completion of the Annual Financial Report, Form B, Single Audit and all
other year-end financial reports
● Maintain district financial files
● Supervise the purchasing operation of the school district
● Verify and assure proper receipts, payments and documentation of goods received
● Coordinate district insurance coverages
Communications :
● Plan and organize monthly financial meetings
● Provide technical assistance to administrators/directors on district financial software
● Communicate financial information to the Board and community, as necessary