Superintendent of Schools

Friday, January 18, 2019
Crawford AuSable School District
Position Details: 


POSITION:                      Superintendent of Schools

QUALIFICATIONS:          Must possess or be eligible to obtain a Michigan Administrator's Certificate.  Valid Michigan Teaching Certificate desirable.  Possess a Master’s Degree from an accredited institution in educational leadership or related field.  Demonstrate successful teaching and administrative experience at the building and/or central office level.  Knowledgeable and able to lead implementation of instructional strategies consistent with Michigan Curriculum standards, inclusionary philosophy, integrated curriculum and thematic teaching, use of technology as an instructional tool, collaborative problem solving, and cooperative learning.  Must demonstrate the ability to work within the district team based management organizational model, and the ability to lead building curriculum implementation. Must be a user of current technology.


To be considered an applicant, application materials must have been received by January 18, 2019.  A complete application will include:

1.       A letter of application indicating (a) reason for interest in the position; (b) an assessment of qualification, training and experiences that relate to the position; and (c) three references including titles, addresses and phone numbers, who may know the candidate's work and who may be contacted.

2.       A personal vita or resume.

3.       Brief statements in response to the following; (a) describe your leadership style, and (b) briefly describe the process by which you would familiarize yourself with the school curriculum, personnel, and student body if you were to receive the position.


The Board of Education will offer the successful candidate a competitive contract.  The beginning salary will be based upon the qualifications, training and experience of the candidate.

Application materials can be mailed to:

Melanie Dannenberg, Human Resources

Crawford AuSable School District

1135 N. Old US 27

Grayling, MI 49738

(989) 344-3500    


Priority Attributes:

-    Student focused with a caring/academic mindset and understands how it effects the communities.

-    Community centered:  involvement, awareness, commitment, approachable.

-    Savvy with financial aspects to keep the district stable.

-    Team player that listens and is receptive to input.

-    Well-connected, is informed and has a political awareness

-    Demonstrated leadership as a crisis manager, multiple priorities, effective communication.

-    Integrity with honesty and transparency.

-    Servant Leadership style.

-    The drive for student achievement is a non-negotiable.

-    Excellent communication skills.

-    Ability to lead the school improvement process.

-    Ability to promote a school environment conducive to learning.

-    Experience in program development utilizing performance-based educational principles.

-    Committed to the concept of team based participative management.

-    Skill in delegating authority to individuals and groups, assuming necessary follow through, but accepts responsibility for final results.

-    Decision making ability based on thorough data, study, and analysis when possible but under pressure when necessary.

-    Ability to promote school programs through an effective system of public relations.

-    Knowledge of Board Policies, Michigan School Law and appropriate case law.

-    Experience with individual and group conflict resolution strategies.

-    Possess a leadership style that is open, inquisitive, supportive of differing points of view and creative.

-    Possess an appropriate sense of humor.

-    Possess the necessary health, vigor and stamina to effectively meet the demands of the position.

-    Ability to encourage and coordinate research and sound innovative experimentation to improve the quality of the school program.

-    Ability to assist parents and the community in understanding the program and philosophy of the school and the basis for various school policies, regulations and practices.

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