Program Assistant

Saturday, March 9, 2019
Southgate Community Schools
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POSTING DATE: January 9, 2019

LOCATION: Beacon Day Treatment Center

Beacon Day Treatment Center services emotionally impaired students.

Grade Level is K-12. Candidate will assist EI and CI students with all subjects, including Art and P.E.

and behavior. Must be kind, patient, and consistent with children. Team players preferred.

To be a Program Assistant, an applicant must meet the following requirements:

1. 60 college credit hours, or

2. An associate's degree, or

3. Passing scores on the following assessments:

◦ MTTS Basic Skills test, or

◦ SAT with at least 480 reading and 530 Math, or

◦ ETS Parapro Assessment with at least 460, or

◦ WorkKeys (if taken prior to July 2017) with at least a 4 on Reading for information, and a 4 on

Applied Mathematics, and a 3 on Writing (not Business Writing)

SALARY: In accordance with the BESSS Contract

STARTING DATE: January 28, 2019


TO APPLY: Please visit:, click on HR, select Employment, and Job


Must meet health requirements as required by performance responsibilities

The Southgate Community School District reserves the right to make changes to this job posting and performance responsibilities whenever necessary

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