High School Special Education Teacher

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Oscoda Area Schools
Position Details: 

The Oscoda Area Schools announces the following teaching position for the 2020-2021 school year.

Position:                                               Secondary Special Education Teacher

Effective Date:                                      August 2020                  


Salary:                                                  Per the OEA Master Agreement

                                                              Salary range $35,246 to $68,908 annually,

                                                              based upon degree and experience

Required Qualifications:

*              Must hold a valid Michigan Teaching Certificate with special education


*              Must meet all Michigan Department of Education requirements

*              Must meet special education certification requirements for this assignment

*              Must meet certification requirements for this assignment.

*              Must be proficient in computer applications and software.


Preferred Qualifications:

*              Prefer candidates with a highly qualified status to teach secondary Math and

                Language Arts

*              Prefer candidates with a proven track record in improving student success.

*              Prefer candidates with working experience in on-line student grading, attendance

               and standard-based report cards.

*              Prefer candidates with experience integrating technology into the curriculum.



Questions: Should be directed to Oscoda High School Principal Terence Allison at (989) 739-9121.


Applications:       All interested applicants must submit a letter of interest, resume, copies of certification and transcripts, proof of HQ including MTTC results, and list of references, plus any other supportive materials for review and consideration to:

Michael P. Barnhart, District General Manager

Board of Education Office

 Oscoda Area Schools        (989) 739-2033  Phone

  P.O. Box 694                      (989) 739-2325    Fax

  Oscoda, Michigan  48750


Only applicants submitting information requested to above address will be considered.


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